Our Distinguished Leaders, Resilient Elders, Dynamic Youths of Qua’an Pan Local Government Area of Plateau State. I have moved around interacting with Our people at home and in the Diaspora, I have listen to their concerns about unfulfilled expectations, frustrations and sometimes disillusionment. Yet I still see the excitement, determination and hope on our faces.

In spite of the many challenges we face, it is quite remarkable that our people have refused to give up on the local government. It is inspiring that amidst difficulties and growing anxiety over the future , our people have refused to succumb to despair and hopelessness. This never-say-die attitude gives me immense hope and it is one of the reasons why I to can never give up on Quaan Pan.

The glaring mismatch between our potentials and our achievements has become a wonder to many, for many a doomsday lamentation; for others it is a topic of concern on social media and live discuss. But together I see immense opportunities and a bittersweet chance to rewrite our collective history. It is a chance for us to  display our courage, rekindle our innovative instinct, showcase our character and turn Qua’an Pan into an Oasis.

it is now my humble pleasure to formally and publicly manifest my interest to become the Chairman of Qua’an Pan Local Government Area come 17th Febuary, 2018 on the platform of the All Progressive Congress APC. I therefore so declare that with this pronouncement TOGETHER WE CAN.

Yes TOGETHER WE CAN build a local government that will be the envy of others. Built on the tenets of justice and equity for all, where ethno-religious differences will remain non definitive of our collective experiences, were you live safe and secured.

To every youth, this is the generational shift we have so desired.  That TOGETHER WE CAN  climb upon political shoulders of the older generation, improve on their vision and expand our horizon. It is this trans-generational collaboration and partnership that represents the best model to create the future that we desire and deserve.

Quaan Pan  must and will be great  through the will, grace and supremacy of the Almighty and the support I received from  you, we will change this Local Government Area for good.


Thank you and God bless.

Naankang G. Garba


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